Wednesday, January 21, 2009

48hours later

We made it...after being awake for basically 48 hours we arrived in Kathmandu right on time. Our flight from London took about 5 hours longer than expected due to a medical diversion. A passenger dislocated his shoulder lifting his bag into the overhead compartment and started having trouble with his heart and blood pressure. The plane was turned around and we flew 1.5 hours back to Warsaw Poland where the man was taken to the hospital and the plane was re-fueled and de-iced.

After a, much needed, good night of sleep we held our first of many seminars. We taught lessons on the grace of God and how the doctrine of election God's grace in our lives.

Not much to report so far...I was great to see Raju and his father at the airport and to see so many of the familiar faces of my brothers and sisters in Christ at the church today.

The weather is cool and overcast. The temperature was great for sleeping but didn't provide any warm water this morning because their water heater is a big black tank on the roof that needs sunlight to heat to the water. I think I Will try for a shower this evening since the sun has been shining a bit today.

In Christ,
Pastor Ohlmann

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